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Supply Chain Security


SoT Videos

August 2022

“MITRE’s System of Trust | Supply Chain Assessment Synergy | Consistency and Evidence-Based”
 MITRE’s Supply Chain Security Hot Topics Summit 2022

Video credit: SoT YouTube Channel

June 2022

“Addressing Supply Chain Security Risks: MITRE’s System of Trust”
 RSA Conference

Video credit: RSA Conference YouTube Channel

“Supply Chain System of Trust”
 ConversingLabs Podcast by Reversing Labs

Video credit: Reversing Labs

July 2020

“Status of MITRE System of Trust Initiative”
 The Open Group & Security Forum YouTube Channel

Video credit: The Open Group & Security Forum


- Supply Chain Security Issues: Intentional and Unintentional Acts - (1:10​)
- Supply Chain Security: Elements of Practice - (3:10​)
- Intent of the Supply Chain Security System of Trust Program - (6:37​)
- Key Value Propositions Guiding SCS SoT Development - (7:50​)
- Basis of Trust - (8:35​)
- Trust and Trustworthiness discussion about a consistent approach in Supply Chain Security
- Q&A Session with Steve Nunn, President & CEO, The Open Group & Robert Martin, MITRE - (22:21​)

Use Cases

2. Trustworthy Software
3. Sole Source Services
4. High Value COTS
5. Outsourced Services
6. Counterfeit ICT Parts

Speaker: Robert A. Martin is a senior principal engineer in MITRE’s Cyber Solutions division, a member of the IIC Steering Committee, the CISQ Advisory Board, and the OMG Board of Directors. For the past 38 years at MITRE his efforts have been focused on the interplay of enterprise risk management, cybersecurity assessment standardization, critical infrastructure protection, and managing the risks from software-based technologies and services. Robert is an ISC2 Certified Secure Lifecycle Professional and a member of the ACM, AFCEA, NDIA, INCOSE, IEEE, and IEEE Computer Society as well as a contributor to standards in ETSI, SAE, The Open Group, UL, OMG, ISO, and the ITU-T.

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